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Meet Dr. Garza
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Dr. Ramon Garza III's early enthusiasm for medicine led him to enroll in a pre-med program, where he observed a plastic surgeon and ultimately decided to become a surgeon himself. He found great satisfaction in both the scientific and artistic challenges of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the positive changes he could see in his patients' lives.

Due to this, Dr. Garza was inspired to further his education and practice in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Garza has extensive expertise in private practice conducting complicated microsurgical breast reconstruction and aesthetic operations and is a board-certified San Antonio plastic surgeon. He has won several honors for his work in plastic surgery and has dozens of articles published in academic journals. He has provided care to hundreds of patients during their breast reconstruction journey. His skills in microsurgery and his artistic sculptor's ability lend to his consistent and beautiful work.

Dr. Garza built his own Plastic Surgery practice so he could provide the best possible surgical outcomes for his patients. In November 2022, he launched Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery and has built a team of like-minded individuals who value teamwork, excellence, and above all, patient care. Dr. Garza strives for perfection in all he does, so even when he's not at work, he works to improve his abilities. In addition, he is an outdoorsman and an enthusiastic cook who delights in trying new recipes and techniques in the kitchen. Dr. Garza is a committed husband and father who strives to model the healthy, well-rounded lifestyle he so enjoys advising his patients to pursue.

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