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Eliminate Stubborn Fat Cells for Good!

Liposuction in San Antonio at Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

It can be exasperating. You watch your diet. You get plenty of exercise. But you can’t seem to get rid of some stubborn fat cells in various locations on your body. Liposuction might be an effective—and permanent—solution.

Dr. Garza is a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Antonio who possesses extensive technical skills as well as a life-long desire to help people achieve their happiest, healthiest lives. Dr. Garza encourages you to schedule a consultation about the benefits of liposuction and begin your journey toward stunning results.

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Slimmer, Smoother Contours

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that can permanently remove fat cells from numerous body areas. This treatment is often an excellent option for people who have been unable to “spot reduce” through dieting and exercise. Liposuction is also known as body contouring, lipoplasty, or “lipo”.

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction works by first breaking up fats and then using a suction device to remove them from the body.

The Ultimate Solution to Stored Fat

What can Liposuction do?

If you have areas of your body that seem to retain excess fat despite an overall healthy lifestyle, liposuction may be the perfect solution for you. It can be applied to virtually any area of your body to permanently remove stubborn pockets of isolated fat. Through meticulous application, you can achieve exquisitely smooth, lasting body contours.

What body areas can be treated through liposuction?










Arms, both upper and lower




A Collaborative Effort

Patient Experience

Your consultation will serve as the foundation of your treatment and overall experience. This conversation paves the road to success and gives you the opportunity to provide Dr. Garza with all of the necessary information to ensure that your concerns are addressed as effectively as possible. Ask any and every question you desire and expect full and direct answers.

Benefits and advantages of liposuction

Liposuction is a notably safe, versatile and minimally-invasive treatment that requires few and very small incisions. Results are both impressive and permanent. Lipo can be combined with other procedures and carries a very high rate of patient satisfaction.

What liposuction isn’t

Liposuction should never be considered a weight-loss treatment. Nor will it treat stretch marks or cellulite.

Get Ready For Your Best Body

Liposuction Preparation and Procedure

After thoroughly reviewing your medical history, your doctor may order some lab tests before your procedure. For a period before and after your liposuction, as determined by your doctor, you will be directed to suspend the use of any medication or supplement that can cause excessive bleeding.

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Board-certified and a member in good standing of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Garza is highly trained and very experienced in liposuction San Antonio patients have loved. Beyond that, he brings a deep level of professional and personal commitment to every patient and procedure.

Your Liposuction Procedure

Your liposuction will be performed either in an outpatient facility that allows you to go home the same day or in a hospital, which may require an overnight stay. Your doctor will determine which setting is best for you. Your surgeon will also select one of several available liposuction techniques depending on your treatment locations and goals. In the most common liposuction procedure, your surgeon will make very small incisions into your skin and insert a thin tube called a cannula. The cannula is then connected to a vacuum device that removes fat and fluid from your body.

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Reveal Beautiful Results

You’ll have some bruising, swelling, and soreness for several weeks. You may also need to wear compression garments at all times except for showering for up to three weeks. Patients are encouraged to start moving the day after treatment and can typically return to work within a week.

Maintaining your Liposuction Results

sleeker, less bulky, and more contoured you!

Your results may be “hidden” for a few weeks while your post-procedural swelling subsides. But after that, you will see a sleeker, less bulky, and more contoured you! Most liposuction patients achieve 90 percent of their desired outcomes within three months after surgery. Because your body cannot replace eliminated fat cells, you can expect a permanent and significant reduction in fat. It is important to note that future weight changes will continue to cause the remaining fat cells to fluctuate in size, so it is best to maintain a stable weight after your San Antonio liposuction procedure.

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

Not much. But that is neither the goal nor the point. The objective is fat removal. And 3-4 liters of fat can be safely removed in a liposuction treatment.

The fat cells that are broken up, destroyed, and removed through liposuction will not grow back. But you can develop fat in untreated locations and any remaining fat cells can grow in si. Your results will be very durable as long as you maintain a stable body weight.

Incisions made in liposuction are tiny, so scars are minimal. Scarring will vary according to the skill of your surgeon and your genetic tendencies.

Liposuction can be combined with any breast surgery, tummy tuck, and other surgeries offered at Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery.

Not at all! As a matter of fact, lipo can be very effective for men because of the way they tend to store fat. Men generally develop fat deposits in their abdomen, chest, and “love handles,” while women more typically store fat in their lower bodies.

You should be at least 18 years old and in good general health. Ideal patients have a stable body weight, good skin elasticity, and healthy underlying muscle structure. You may be disqualified if you have a compromised immune system, diabetes, or coronary artery disease.

Since liposuction is considered an aesthetic procedure, your insurance will not cover liposuction costs unless there is a medical reason for the treatment.

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