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Autologous Breast Reconstruction San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio Autologous Breast Reconstruction | Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

Healing means feeling whole again. For many breast cancer survivors, breast reconstruction can be a pivotal step in reclaiming ownership of their life and body, propelling them on their healing journey by restoring their sense of confidence and control. For patients who would like to restore the healthy appearance of their breasts without implants, autologous or “fat transfer” breast reconstruction involves the use of your body’s natural tissues to replenish the breasts’ shape and volume.

Offering expert autologous breast reconstruction San Antonio plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramon Garza III, includes groundbreaking DIEP Flap reconstruction to help you restore your breasts naturally with less downtime than ever before. At Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help you make the momentous shift from surviving to thriving. Dr. Garza approaches breast reconstruction with the same mindset as he approaches aesthetic surgery– to obtain the best cosmetic result possible, period. Learn more about the advanced techniques we offer, and take back your life with personalized, compassionate treatment from a fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Aesthetic Treatment With a Profound Impact

What can Autologous Breast Reconstruction do?

With Autologous breast reconstruction San Antonio's Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery restores the feminine look and feel of your breasts in the most natural way possible. Through a variety of techniques, autologous breast reconstruction is highly personalized to support your overall well-being and aesthetic preferences.

Autologous breast reconstruction is ideal for patients who would like to avoid the use of implants. It is important to note that while it can be tailored to your needs, your outcome may be subject to your anatomy. For patients who would like more substantial volume enhancement, breast reconstruction with implants may provide a fuller look. Many patients find that restoring their breasts after mastectomy provides a profound sense of closure, allowing them to enter a new chapter in their lives. During your consultation, Dr. Garza will discuss all of your options with you to ensure you receive the best treatment for your medical needs and aesthetic goals.

What to Expect After Autologous Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Restore Your Breasts Naturally

What is Autologous Breast Reconstruction?

Autologous breast reconstruction restores the natural aesthetic quality of your breasts without the use of implants by grafting skin, tissue, and sometimes muscle from other areas of your body. While the most common donor area is the abdomen, breasts may also be reconstructed using tissues from the thighs or buttocks.

TRAM vs. DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

TRAM and DIEP flap breast reconstruction comprise two of the most innovative techniques in breast reconstruction today. A predecessor to DIEP flap reconstruction, the TRAM approach tunnels skin, fat, and muscle from the abdomen to the chest area, where it is sculpted to restore the natural shape and feel of the breasts. In contrast to the TRAM approach, DIEP flap breast reconstruction avoids the use of abdominal muscle, preserving the strength and integrity of the abdomen and minimizing pain and recovery time.

Autologous Breast Reconstruction at Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

Dr. Garza is one of very few microsurgical breast reconstruction specialists in South Texas, offering expertise in the most advanced reconstructive techniques employed today. With an empathetic ear and compassionate heart, Dr. Garza takes a precision-based approach to provide patients with highly personalized treatment so that they can live their most confident and fulfilling life.

Empathy & Expertise

The Patient Experience

Beyond his extensive skill and experience with reconstructive and microsurgery procedures, Dr. Garza takes an exceptionally empathetic approach to ensure each patient’s treatment supports every facet of their wellbeing. Throughout every step of your treatment, he and his team of skilled professionals will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident that you are receiving the highest quality care on your journey toward life-changing results.

Personalization Through Precision

Autologous Breast Reconstruction Preparation and Procedure

Your personalized San Antonio breast reconstruction procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. The details of your surgery will depend on your medical needs and treatment goals. During the planning phase of your treatment, Dr. Garza will explain the details of your procedure so that you are optimally prepared on the day of your surgery.

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Reclaim Your Confidence

Autologous Breast Reconstruction Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

While some breast reconstruction techniques allow for out-patient recovery, tissue-based or fat transfer breast reconstruction procedures are in-patient and may require you to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. While you will be up and moving the day following surgery, full recovery following autologous breast reconstruction will take several weeks.

However, the details and duration of your recovery will depend on the surgical techniques used and the areas of the body used for reconstruction. Microsurgeries, such as DIEP flap reconstruction, can help you to enjoy a shorter and more comfortable recovery. You will need to avoid strenuous activity for six weeks after surgery. You will need to wear a compression garment for several months as the transplanted tissues settle to help shape your waistline at the donor site and ensure the best possible outcome.

Maintaining your Autologous Breast Reconstruction Results

Autologous Breast Reconstruction in San Antonio | Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

Sometimes it is necessary to perform a revision surgery to obtain the best possible cosmetic result. During your consultation, Dr. Garza will discuss this aspect of your treatment and provide you with such details as your timeline for treatment and what you can expect from your final results.

While your autologous breast reconstruction results will be permanent and require no maintenance, we will be here to celebrate your results with you and assist you with any future questions or concerns you may have. With unmatched skill and precision and a reputation for excellence, Dr. Garza is dedicated to delivering exquisite aesthetic results and improved quality of life to each San Antonio breast reconstruction patient.

Autologous Breast Reconstruction Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of autologous breast reconstruction will depend on the details of your treatment and will be discussed during the planning phase of your treatment.

In most cases, yes, your breast reconstruction should be covered by insurance, regardless of whether your reconstruction takes place immediately after your mastectomy or years later. When you visit us for your consultation, we can help you determine your coverage and discuss your options.

Some breast reconstruction procedures require in-patient treatment. If your procedure is outpatient, your surgery will still be performed under general anesthesia, so you will need a close friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for a day or two while you recover.

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