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Implant Breast Reconstruction San Antonio, TX

Restore Your Breasts After Mastectomy

San Antonio Implant Breast Reconstruction | Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

Reconstructing your breasts after a mastectomy can be a pivotal moment in reclaiming your life after breast cancer. Dr. Garza performs a broad range of procedures to restore your breasts, including implant breast reconstruction. Implant reconstruction allows you to tailor your new breasts to your specific goals so that you enter the next stage of your life with confidence and excitement.

Dr. Ramon Garza III specializes in reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, ensuring the highest quality results for patients undergoing breast reconstruction in San Antonio, Texas. Discuss your personalized treatment with Dr. Garza, and take the first step toward exquisitely natural-looking results you’ll love for years to come.

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Make The Most of Your Reconstruction

What is Implant Breast Reconstruction?

Unlike autologous breast reconstruction procedures that use fat and tissues from other areas of the body to restore the shape and fullness of the breasts, implant reconstruction allows you to customize your breasts using implants.

Thanks to recent advances in breast implants, this type of reconstruction allows you to select your ideal shape, size, and feel to suit your anatomy and preferences.

Renew Your Look & Your Spirit

What can Implant Breast Reconstruction do?

While any breast reconstruction procedure is designed for the individual, implants allow for a broader range of options. Essentially, implants allow for some patients who may not have good tissue volume available to achieve the fullness they desire in their reconstructed breast. Furthermore, implant reconstruction only affects the breasts and no other areas of the body. With implant breast reconstruction San Antonio patients who have a specific look already in mind will likely find this to be an ideal solution. While some patients want a more subtle aesthetic outcome, others may choose to make the most of their procedure by enhancing the size of their breasts compared to their pre-mastectomy breasts. In either case, Dr. Garza can help you achieve impeccably natural-looking results and renewed confidence.

Implant Breast Reconstruction vs. Autologous Breast Reconstruction

While autologous (or “fat transfer”) breast reconstruction allows you to restore your feminine shape without implants, some patients prefer the use of implants in their reconstruction to achieve a certain size or shape. Others choose implants to avoid the harvesting of tissues from another area of the body. Another important note is that implant reconstruction usually require two surgeries. In implant reconstruction, you will need to have an expander placed prior to placing the permanent implant. Your permanent implant will be placed during a second surgery.

Implant Breast Reconstruction at Dr. Garza Plastic Surgery

With unsurpassed precision, Dr. Garza offers the most advanced breast reconstruction options in South Texas. Driven by compassion, Dr. Garza delivers an exceptionally warm and empathetic experience for breast reconstruction patients, designing each patient’s personalized treatment to support the best aesthetic results and overall wellness.

Premier San Antonio Reconstruction Specialist

Your Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Garza, he will take the time to get to know you, ask you about your goals for treatment, and assess your medical history and condition. Based on these factors, you will work together to create your best possible, highly-personalized treatment plan, including selecting the size, shape, and type of your implant.

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Two Steps to Exquisite Results

Implant Breast Reconstruction Preparation and Procedure

To begin the process, you will undergo surgery in which Dr. Garza will place an expander in the breast pocket. You will return to our office several times over the course of about two to three months to gradually stretch the skin on your breasts in preparation for implants. Once adequate space has been created, Dr. Garza will place your implants.

Implant breast reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia. During the planning phase of your treatment, we will provide you with detailed instructions for preparing for anesthesia. However, in general, you can expect to fast the night before your surgery. You should also plan to avoid any substances that may thin your blood (including NSAIDs) or impair your body’s ability to heal for about two weeks before your surgery.

Once you are asleep, Dr. Garza will carry out your implant breast reconstruction according to your treatment plan. There are a number of incision techniques that he may use, depending on the type of implant you select. All of this will be discussed during your consultation, as well as whether your implant will be placed above or below your chest muscle.

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See Your Results Take Shape

Implant Breast Reconstruction Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Implant breast reconstruction is a one-night stay procedure, so you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and stay with you for the first day or two. By the second day after your procedure, you should be up and walking around, and most patients return to work within two weeks. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks, and heavy lifting should be avoided until you are fully healed (about six to eight weeks).

At first, your implants may appear slightly high on the chest. As your body adjusts to the added volume, your implants will gradually settle into their permanent positions. This “drop and fluff” process can take about six months, at which point your full results will be visible. Implant breast reconstruction delivers beautiful, youthfully contoured breasts designed to your anatomy and preferences. As with any plastic surgery procedure, you can achieve the best breast reconstruction results with a highly trained, board-certified specialist.

Maintaining your Implant Breast Reconstruction Results

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After your surgery, Dr. Garza will assess your progress several times to ensure your results are developing according to your goals. Implant breast reconstruction patients are often ecstatic about their full, voluptuous new look and enjoy their results for years or decades. While implant breast reconstruction is considered a permanent procedure and requires no maintenance, most patients replace their implants after about ten to fifteen years. However, radiation or history of radiation can greatly reduce the success rate of implants.

Implant Breast Reconstruction Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in most cases, breast reconstruction is covered by your insurance. During your consultation, we will help you navigate your insurance to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

You should expect some pain and discomfort during the first couple of days after surgery, though any discomfort is usually manageable with pain medication. You may also feel a stretching or tight sensation in your breast; this is completely normal and will resolve as your body adjusts to your implant. After two to three weeks, you should feel close to normal.

Implants have come a long way over the past decades, feeling very close to natural breasts.

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